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Project Description
A WPF Application written using the Prism framework which can be used for a Laptop -> Digital Picture Frame conversion project.

I had a spare laptop available and wanted to re-purpose it into a digital picture frame. While looking around I found a lot of applications that I could use to show images, however most were for Linux distributions and I wanted this to be a windows implementation. Regardless, all of the applications I found didn't have the functionality I was looking for.

I was interested in Prism, so I went about creating a digital picture frame using WPF and Prism. DigitalFrame is the result.

I do imagine a few more Modules that I could add, including a Calendar Module, maybe a Twitter module.

I wrote about the process of creating the digital picture frame here:

The images used within the weather module are currently VERY UGLY. In my own implementation, I am using the images from The images contained within are Microsoft copyright. I kept the names identical, so if you want to have your weather module show more attractive images, copy the images from over my UGLY images.


Images contained within above screen shot are copyright Microsoft.

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